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Audio Comments On The West Michigan Pike

by Sandra Clark, Director of the Michigan Historical Center for the State of Michigan

The West Michigan Pike

by Amy Arnold, published by MISHDA
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Volume 1: Historic Context Narrative

Volume 1: Historic Resource Survey

Famous Photographer Visits Beachtowns Along the West Michigan Pike

Internationally acclaimed photographer Vincent J. Musi, whose work is frequently seen in National Geographic Magazine, completed a two week photographic assignment for Michigan's Beachtowns Association in conjunction with the organization's efforts to gain certification of U.S. Route 31, "The West Michigan Pike", as a Michigan Heritage Route.

Musi, who is also a contributor to Time, Newsweek, Life, Fortune and The New York Times Magazine, arrived in the Beachtowns communities on July 08, 2008 and began a 15- day photographic excursion. According to Felicia Fairchild, President of Beachtowns Association and Executive Director of the Saugatuck-Douglas Visitors Bureau, "We wanted to launch this historic route in an unprecedented and powerful way. We wanted to create buzz, curiosity and excitement about this project throughout the region. But most importantly it was our objective to create an enduring photographic retrospective that would link this historic route from our past to our present and to our future." She added, "We sought out Mr. Musi because of his vast body of work and his artistic and thought-provoking style."

For more than 25 years Mr. Musi has photographed diverse subjects including Traveling Route 66, The Lewis and Clark Trail, Life Under Volcanoes, Illegal Immigration and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. His most recent story on Animal Intelligence captured the cover of the March 2008 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

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