Situated on the sun-soaked shores of Lakes Michigan and Macatawa, Holland is a Pure Michigan delight!  From an award-winning downtown to white sandy beaches, you’ll fall in love with Holland’s small-town charm and big-city amenities.  Dine along the waterfront or at a cozy café.  Climb to the crest of a towering sand dune or to the top of a windmill!  Shop for a pair of wooden shoes or attend a world-famous festival.  Explore a quaint Dutch village or a modern college campus.  Stroll downtown’s cobblestone sidewalks or hike the trails in tree-shaded parks.  Sail the waters of Lake Macatawa or watch a fiery sunset over Lake Michigan.  Experience four seasons of breathtaking beauty and memorable adventures in this all-American city with a delightful Dutch accent!

For more information, call: 800.506.1299 or visit: holland.org